Head Coach Cheerleading / Assistant Cheer


Position Description

The focus of Life Christian Academy Athletics is to honor God. All coaches should be followers of Jesus and maintain biblically based principles in their coaching and teaching. They should attend and be active in a local church and be committed to Life Center’s standards for all employees. This position is responsible for organizing and supervising all activities of a varsity team.

Minimum Qualifications

1.        Possession of valid Washington State secondary teaching certificate desirable.

2.        High school graduation or equivalent.

3.        Applicants in building will be given preference to outside applicants with equal qualifications.

4.        Demonstrated successful experience in coaching. 5.Must be able to coach students with skills at all levels.

6.Attend the WIAA rules clinic or pass the National Federation Rules Test for this sport annually.

?.Knowledge of all current rules, regulations, and safety concerns governing specific sports.·

8.        Demonstrated ability to create and manage a budget.

9.        Demonstrated ability and willingness to spend adequate time in planning and organization.

10.        Current first aid and CPR card before the season begins.

11.        Demonstrated evidence of a philosophy that includes the principles of the teachings of Christ, good sportsmanship is the rule more than an ideal, and skill improvement and attitude are as important as winning.

12.        Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents. This requires coaches to respond to all communication within 24 hours or less.

13.        Current fingerprint records in OSPI database. Includes FBI/Washington State Patrol Criminal History Information check. (for teaching)

14.        Disclosure Form.

15.        Head coaches must be at least 21 years of age, and assistant coaches at least 19 years of age.

16.        Significant multi-cultural experience and expertise desired.

17.        Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Performance Responsibilities:

1.        Implement effective daily practices as a head coach or as directed in the case of assistant coaches.

2.        Must be in attendance at scheduled practices and competitions. This includes transportation to and from practices and competitions.

3.        Maintain high standards of student conduct and enforce discipline as necessary, according to due process.

4.        Take responsibility for proper handling of injuries.

5.        Attend rules clinics, classes, and seminars to update knowledge, skills, and techniques. Must possess or be working toward obtaining a Washington State Coaches Certificate.

6.        Organize and supervise all aspects of the program.

7. Organize all practice sessions and be responsible for all team members during practices, games, and travel.

8.        Use appropriate instructional techniques, activities, and interactions to assist students in development of skills, attitudes, and sportsmanship.

9.        Communicate the philosophy, operation, and direction of the program effectively to parents.

10.        Understand, support, and enforce established school, league, and WIAA policies and standards.

11.        Maintain inventory.

12.        Uphold and assist in enforcing school rules, administrative regulations, and board policy.

13.        Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.

14.        Requires the use of multiple communication and technology systems, which may include electronic mail, computers, document cameras, smart boards, and web-based resources.

15.        Other duties as assigned by the head coach/building athletic director.