TITLE: Bible Teacher 



Overall Responsibilities: 

The following expectations and job description are the minimal expectation for teachers at Life Christian Academy. The primary role of the Bible Teacher at Life Christian Academy is to teach students to know and love Jesus Christ through ethics, respect, academics and programs. 


• Demonstrates a passion for Christian education 

• Bachelors degree required, Masters degree preferred 

Principle Responsibilities: 

• Practice love, joy, patience, kindness, self-control, gentleness, faithfulness and truthfulness 

• Model Biblical principles in making choices to impact students 

• Faithfully support Life Center Church and its ministries 

• Articulate in writing and speaking how the teacher’s Christian faith integrates with his or her teaching 

• Instructional planning, translate the school’s student outcomes into specific objectives 

• Select and use curricular materials that will help students achieve these outcomes 

• Practice integration in unit planning and teaching, both biblically and across subjects 

• Plan and use a variety of teaching strategies to match the learning styles of the students 

• Select in advance the means of assessment to measure students’ learning 

• Use class time well with activities that engage students’ attention and demonstrate a clear purpose 

• Give clear directions and well-organized examples and explanations 

• Be available to any parent or student who wishes to have a conference 

• Participate in school scheduled parent/teacher conferences 

• Provide tutorials for students before and after school as needed. 

• Use questions and explanations that promote clear thinking 

• At the middle and high school levels, compose a working syllabus for each class subject 

• Complete paperwork including: academic progress reports, report cards four times per year, bi-weekly eligibility reports for athletes (grade 7-12), complete inventories of classroom equipment/supplies/books, records of attendance, administration of achievement tests, end of year debriefing evaluation forms 

• MS/HS level host an advisor period 

• In relating with students the teacher is expected to: o Establish a climate of love and care, define responsible Christian behavior for students, including guidelines and consequences for good and bad behavior 

• Help students learn self-discipline through appropriate correcting, counseling and role modeling, 

• Maintain proper classroom discipline, taking care of minor problems personally and referring major problems to the principal 

• In professional growth the teacher is expect to: o Respectfully submit and be loyal to the constituted authority of the school, take responsibility for all tasks related to the classroom, parent communication and the broader school community, 

• Have a developed personal philosophy of Christian education 

• Work constructively with colleagues and administration by contribution ideas and listening, 

• Observe Matthew 18 principle in conflict resolution, avoiding a negative, critical spirit, and taking problems to administrator if necessary 

• Maintain teaching certificate and professional development programs 

• Attend and participate in staff devotions, student chapels, teacher’s meetings, staff/student retreats, church sponsored functions, and other meetings and activities as assigned 

• Participate in Professional Learning Community efforts 

• Serve on academic committees and teams 

• In Community relations the teacher is expected to: o Participate actively in the community, especially in the church community 

• Model love for Christ and students beyond the school day and campus 

• Other duties as assigned 

Lower School Schedule: Mon-Fri 8-3:30pm 

MS/HS Schedule: Mon-Fri 7:50-3:15 

Supervisor: Designated School Level Principal 

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability and Life Insurance 

Description Updated: 05.09.2019